I Woke At The Station


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"It's a pitch so overused that it should be cast in bronze and placed on a mantelpiece. I had the opportunity to go to an isolated cabin in the woods and record an album. I didn't shave and I packed lots of flannel, all the stuff you would expect from a folk singer in 2017. But despite the isolation and lovely autumnal setting, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a city album. An album for driving down the highway in the middle of the night under a sodium vapor glow. A collection full of distinct characters, overflowing with hardship and longing. They wake up, they go to work, they fall apart under the pressure, they dream and dream. The question I really wanted to ask was this: Is there dignity in desperation?" - Logan Farmer


released February 7, 2018

All songs written and performed by Logan Farmer

Saxophone on 'Terrorinside' - Sean Culliton

Mastered by Mike Bridavsky

Recorded at the Hill House Artist Residency in Mancelona, MI
(provided by Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology)


all rights reserved



Fox Food Records Mirfield, UK

An independent record label specialising in handmade, limited edition releases of music we love.

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Track Name: Saint In Armor II
Is it true the tower fell?
Saint in armor, might as well
Haunt the parking lots of Dallas
Here among us, God at last speaks

He was such a quiet man
I barely knew him
But I've grown to understand
That I'm polluted
By distraction
If I only asked him how his day went

If I could deconstruct the chords
Til they are nothing but a noise
Locked away in silent hum
I could worship anyone

And if I reach a violent end
I deserve it
Cause I've grown to understand
That I'm imperfect
So damn arrogant
If I only asked him how his day went
Track Name: Overtime In The Underworld
He leaves the ring, all cigarette ash and dive bar beauty, he sleeps beside his Friday bride, and hopes that she's eighteen.

And oh my god, he'll tell you that his life's a movie, he fucks and fights, his name's in lights, and he can barely read.

He should be dead
Or at least dying
But instead
The world is kind
And inviting
Time and time again

Friday night: the arena goes dark and I punch the clock, and I grab my things to cruise the street, looking for a date

This ice hits cold, and this kid from Juarez, Mexico won't say his name but I don't blame him, I told him mine was Juan.

And I'm not dead
But I think I'm dying
But for him
The world is kind
And inviting
Time and time again

They watch the brawl on a flickering screen at the usual bar, to go over the plan to rob this man for everything he's got

"I got mouths to feed. Head back to the arena after everyone leaves, his manager's car is a Ford Capri parked along the side"

But the night is long and the chrissy they smoked seems to be wearing off. They hold each other in a bathroom stall and slip off into dreams.
Track Name: Mancelona
Wake up Jacob
I'm coming home
This time tomorrow
Bleached as bone

I got the money
Without a hitch
All we've ever wanted
Is within our reach

On the greyhound
I had a dream
Endless solutions for

And resignation
For what was lost
I woke at the station
And I wandered off

Mind was vacant
So I spent the night wasted in the shell
Of a Super 8 motel by the freeway
Track Name: Electric Nothing
It always hurts to see you're not listening
A carcass of sorts made of vine and milk thistle
Most turn to dust but some turn to sketches in books

And I’m too drunk to dance but it’s not my turn
The boys come from Birmingham, Venice and Rome
To bask in your ruin then ask to be ferried across

In the years of the black heart

It’s been a bad day, I don't ask you for much
Cause sometimes when I wake I find all that I want
In the microbes and dust that hang joyful in knives of bright noon

And we all become this electric nothing
The will of our god appears faceless and numb
And I never looked back but I still turned into a pillar of salt

In the years of the black heart

Dark night
The guardian of the whip
Hablemos de amor

Young blood
I’m sick of all your shit
I can’t bear it no more
Track Name: Terrorinside
I don't wanna be free I got a terror inside
I woke up Mary just to see her eyes
Said I had a bad dream that I died a poor man
She spent her whole damn life just carrying him

I drove myself to the auto parts store
Doused a rag in gas and breathed it in
Took my sawed off out, turned the sign on the door
Took all the cash he was carrying

Now the headlights streaking white across my view
I keep screaming "my god, what's happening"
When I get home Mary says "what's happened to you?"
I say "nothing" but my shirt has blood on it
Track Name: Venus Restored
Do you want to leave this place alone?
Wipe that oil off your face and we'll go

Wait here, brother
Don't get out of the car
I'm proud of you
At the border
Give this to the guard
Grey light winter

Don't leave nothing for those rats
They ask for dynamite, you hand them sheets of paper

When you shiver what is on your mind?
All your daddy's friends have gone inside

They lost interest
Stayed here for the cash
But that's their business
I had children
Generations pass
But there's no difference

You'll be left out in the cold
You hold a paradox, a swift ascending anchor

Don't leave nothing for those rats
They ask you for a light, you blind them with your answer
Track Name: Petty Warned
"It began like this:
I parked my car and walked into the drugstore. It was the opening shift, I had the place to myself so I had a smoke in the stock room. When I came back out I saw Freddy from down the block and a few of his friends. I don't know how, but he got his hands on the cash box and I watched as he emptied it.
I was seeing red as they peeled out onto the highway, and I knew what I would do. (So much disrespect! I've known Freddy since we were kids, man, and he didn't even wear a mask.) See, Freddy lived with his mother at the end of my street. She's a junkie, just like my mom was a junkie. My mom would sleep all day, so I picked up some chains from the Walmart, and a tank of gas and a lighter with a rebel flag design.

And I drove to Freddy's house.
Put chains on the doors.
Went out into the garage
Dumped gasoline on the floors.

I don't really want to talk about it any more.

What about you?

What are you in for?"
Track Name: Josephine, I've Seen
Life is work and paying bills
Another night in the city
Memories of something real
I found a bag full of money

Josephine, I've seen your eyes
I'm coming home this time
Track Name: Phoenix
How do you want me?
I ain't got all day
It's a steady situation
I make more money in a week doing this than half your life straight

It's no illusion
It's just sleight of hand
If you watch the cards moving
I'll be nothing but a flash of a life that you lie with in bed

I don't belong here

But oh my god, I watch the sun rise each day
And all that love I thought was retreating
Comes to me with such overwhelming grace
And then my life has meaning

But then comes the shadow
And I stand where I should
And that stranger in my body
Comes alive through the smoke and my ass on this cadillac's hood

I'm not superstitious
But I pray when I go
I turn to fire in his engine
And I rise through the vents in the dash and I burn through his soul

I don't belong here

But oh my god, I watch the sun rise each day
And in my bones I feel something is leaving
Something old that's keeping me in this place
And that's the only thing worth believing

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